Monday, April 4, 2011

7 Months and a Tooth

Saturday, April 2nd, was Jimmy’s 7 month birthday/anniversary/mark…whatever you wish to name it. The first 6 months went pretty fast but this last month went even faster and I know that the next 5 months are going to fly by at warp 8 (since warp 10 is unattainable which is obvious to all the Trekkies out there).

Saturday morning I drug the play pen out to the back yard and rigged a makeshift shade with a blanket and Jimmy sat and played with his toys while Daddy cut the grass and I potted (is that a word??) a jalapeno plant, a new tomato plant and a dead tomato plant. I’m hoping that my thumb while hopefully is the general green is also a very white thumb which would indicate that I can resurrect dead plants. I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and wearing my crocs in the very official position of gardener/landscaper. It made me feel productive. I think Jimmy really enjoyed playing outside and watching me work my plant magic too.

Sunday I had the day off and we decided to enjoy the day with a little relaxation and a drive in the country. We loaded up and set out towards east Texas and just roamed around seeing what we could see. We ate in a very country restaurant called The Western Café and Jimmy has his first couple of French fries off Mamma’s plate. We laughed so hard though when we handed him the first one and he repeatedly brought it up to his face and it ended up closer to his eye and then his nose than his mouth!! He apparently didn’t realize he needed to spit out the pacifier before he could eat the French fry!!! Oh my goodness it was so funny! Once he did get it in his mouth he only choked a little once and then was on a roll. Then when Daddy was holding him later and offered him another fry he kept leaning towards it without spitting the pacifier out again. It was so cute and so funny and we laughed so hard.

Then later we found a great lake (not one of the THE Great Lakes) and drove around it for a little while before we realized that all of the shoreline is basically private property and the one public picnic area available was closed. So we ended up at a gas station/boat launch and sat out our chairs in a grassy area by the water and a blanket for Jimmy and enjoyed the sun, the water, the wind and the cars whizzing by behind us. Jimmy played hard and discovered grass for the first time and how easily he could pull it up. He also chose the little lotion bottle over his toy every time there was a choice. While we were sitting there I found that his first little tooth had popped through his gums!! Its on the bottom and it’s just barely through but it’s super sharp and so cute!! I was so excited and a little sad that my baby is growing up so fast.

Overall we had a great weekend with our little baby and even though he’s mine and I’m probably more than a little biased I have to say that he is such a good baby. He played or slept in his car seat all of the time we were in the car and was really good in the restaurant and played hard at the lake without throwing any fits at all! I could just squeeze him all day!

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  1. He is growing so fast and gets cuter by the minute!


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