Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BIG Changes Coming...

We are One Month and Six Days away from The Big 1! It seems impossible that we’re here already. Oy vey! I’m supposed to be planning a party and I haven’t even started! If it keeps going this way its going to be a BYOF, BYOB, BYOD and BYOPF (Food, Beer, Decorations and Party Favors) party. Jimmy won’t mind if you don’t bring beer…just saying…

More info to come…

I’m really excited about a change we’re making in Jimmy World. We’re about to go full time with cloth diapering!

My Favorite Cloth Diaper - SoftBums

I had wanted to do this from day one but there were a lot of reasons it didn’t work out. The biggest reason is that it’s a bigger expense up front although in the long run it’s A LOT cheaper. So for the last (almost) 11 months I’ve bought a cloth diaper here and there and experimented with different kinds to see what worked best on Jimmy and was easiest for us.

More of These Please!

I have a hard time finding him when he's wearing this one.

I want this print!

My Little Superhero!
And now I’m happy to report that I’ve stocked up enough to go full time with it! There may be days where I have to do a load of diaper laundry every day but I’m hoping that I can hold out for every other day. I’ll continue to build my stash and that will make the laundry days fewer and further in between.

The biggest reward for us is that we won’t have to buy diapers all the time…money in our pocket!

Another super exciting thing that I discovered in this quest of mine is disposable diaper liners.

Makes Life Easier

You’re probably thinking “disposable” doesn’t that defeat the purpose?? But its not quite the disposable you’re thinking of. It is a liner that looks like a dryer sheet that goes on top of the cloth diaper to catch poop. Anything liquid passes right through it. So when I change a dirty diaper now all I have to do is gather up the liner and flush it! No spraying, flushing or scraping poop off a diaper into the toilet because believe me when I tell you its not nearly as easy as it sounds! In its own quiet, unassuming way these diaper liners are life altering.
Daddy is on board, the babysitter is on board and Jimmy doesn’t give a poop…errr…so we’re all set!! The only thing I’m waiting on to get started is my handy dandy wet bag.

The Hold-Up

It’s not actually a bag that’s wet but a bag that will hold wet things. It also holds odors in which makes it much more sophisticated than say a Wal Mart or Kroger bag. As soon as this baby arrives we’ll put this plan in motion. I’m already using cloth diapers in the evenings and most of the weekend but I am looking forward to disposing of the disposables!

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  1. i LOVE the camo diaper! i have thought about maybe trying cloth diapers after my little one gets here. i may do what you did and just buy one here and there to try them out. i'm hoping our little girl's skin isn't allergic to everything like mine is! going to have to do a lot of experimenting after she gets here :)


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