Monday, July 23, 2012

Dr-unk J-awer 07/23/2012

I said it wrong in my head recently and it sounded funny so I had to use it.

I’m back at work today and it’s a grab bag of mixed feelings. I’ve missed blogging terribly and although I had a computer and internet at home I couldn’t seem to tear myself away from Life to document it. Now that I’m back at work I can goof off properly and document Life to my hearts content.

I also love paying my bills…or rather having enough money to pay my bills and 60% of my normal checks just isn’t what I’m used to.

However, coming back to work meant dropping off my littlest nino at the sitter for the first time. In all honesty it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined it would be. I think it helped in a way that I had been through it before, I already know the sitter really well and he’s not there by himself. Jimmy may not be old enough to protect him or care for him but just knowing that he’s there with his big brother made it a lot easier to leave him this morning. It did feel surreal though and I’m definitely looking forward to picking them both up this afternoon.

No one probably noticed but I changed the name of my blog again. I think this is the last time...I think. I didn’t change the URL yet because I wanted to give everyone advance notice. The new blog name is The “J” Files and I’ll post a new URL soon….just giving you heads up.

2 Boys
I love having two kids, specifically two boys. I can’t wait to update you all on all the happenings and the going ons…and of course share a gazillion pictures and videos of Jimmy and Joey.

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