Thursday, March 3, 2011

Six Month Bust and Brag

I’m so disappointed to have to tell you that I have no stats or a Six Month picture to post. The day yesterday did not go according to plan in the slightest. I left work early to go pick up the little guy and the plan was to run really quick to apply for his passport and then go to his Dr appointment and find out how much he’s grown in the past two months.

I prepared all the paperwork for the passport application ahead of time and even had his pictures done at Walgreens so we could walk in and walk out. The passport office told me it would be a max of 40 minutes to finish. FOUR hours later I leave the passport office for the last time having finally finished all the running around they had me doing. I ended up having to get Jimmy’s picture taken THREE more times just to get one that wouldn’t be rejected.

So the Dr’s appointment got canceled and there are no stats to report at the moment.

I would like to take this opportunity to brag on my baby however. He was in the car seat for almost 4 hours straight with the exception of getting more pictures made and a small stretch while we were waiting to “take the oath” and he never once cried. We were in and out of the car and different offices and he just went along happily and smiled at everyone. I was so proud of him. I got so many compliments on how good of a baby he is, how cute he is and how big he is….but just how big will have to wait on the visit to the Dr.

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