Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, we did it...we finally went to the Dr and weighed in!  Here are the stats:
15 lbs and 15 oz
25.5 in
We were guessing he weighed a lot more than that but I guess our arms are just tired.  The car seat also adds 50 lbs I think.

Here are a few more comments by the Dr:
"He's acting like a nine month old"
"Wow, he's very advanced!"
"He is officially the smartest and most beautiful baby I have ever or will ever see!"

Okay, the last one might have been uttered by me...maybe!

Then the nurse came in and gave him a shot in each leg and he whimpered a little and then gave her his big ladykiller smile.  What a tough little boy!

You don't know it but I'm pooping right now

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