Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Traditions...Ribs??

It's fun when you can start setting traditions for each holiday with your new little person!  This year we didn't really do anything "Easter-y" per se. 

List of things we didn't do:
  • Color Easter Eggs aka smell the house up with vinegar
  • Color Easter Eggs aka tie-dye a perfectly good outfit
  • Hunt Easter Eggs
  • Make Easter Baskets
What we did do:
  • Celebrated Jesus' Resurrection at church aka the overflow room
  • Walked the 4 miles back to the car (not really...just felt like 4 miles)
  • Had lunch with The Fam at Spring Creek BBQ
  • Took a drive in the country
Jimmy especially enjoyed Easter Lunch at Spring Creek BBQ. 

He enjoyed that rib bone so much we may have to make it a tradition...

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