Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 Month Update

It’s been kind of crazy around these parts, hence the lack of blog updates. Things are starting to slow down a little at work but at the same time Jimmy is getting a little more mobile and active so I have a feeling things will never be the same again. The days of cuddling my baby on the couch all evening are on their way out and the days of chasing him around the coffee table are on their way in!

It sure would be nice if I were a stay at home mom and could keep everyone updated on every little poot Jimmy makes but unfortunately for me and everyone else I’m not. When I am at home these days I’m busy soaking up my little family as much as I can to sustain me until I’m home again. I try to have my phone handy to capture cute moments but sometimes they happen too fast or being in the moment is just more important at the time. I need a 24/7 Grannie to follow me around with a camera. (shout out to Grannie V)

Things Jimmy is doing now:

• Pulling up on the coffee table, couch and whoever is holding him. So far he hasn’t pulled up in the crib yet which is a good thing since we still need to lower the mattress a bit for this new stage he’s in.

• Talking up a storm. He’s added some new consonants to his baby words. They include “Ah, Pa, Da, Ta, Ga and Ca” repeatedly. He’s lost “ma” somewhere in the process.

• He loves playing peek a boo and laughing at funny faces and growls.

• He sits in the bathtub now like a big boy and LOVES the water.

• He makes himself laugh.

• A bath and a full belly is the ticket to a good night’s sleep.

• When he gets excited he growls and bites whatever he’d holding.

• Cruising. That means he can walk, tippy-toed, holding onto the furniture. He cruises up and down the coffee table, the couch…he can move from the coffee table to the couch using the closest knee as a bridge.

• Last night he stood on his own, flat footed, for several long moments focusing on something in his hands. Then took a tumble into the coffee table head first. Poor baby got a little goose egg on his eyebrow and it was officially bed time at that point.

He’s still looks like a little baby though so when he’s standing at the coffee table he just looks so small. Next week is his nine month appointment so I’ll check back in then with his weight and height stats.

I leave you with the few pictures I have this month. I'll add more when I get a chance.

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