Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Overdue Update

I have lots of things to tell you. First, sorry it’s been so long since I posted. Now that I’ve sincerely apologized we can move on to the good stuff.

On his 11 month birthday Jimmy took his first wobbly little steps!! At first they only happened when we would stand him alone away from anything to hold onto and he would run/fall into us. Then slowly he started letting go of the coffee table/couch/our legs and walking a few steps to where he wanted to go. Now, one week away from his 1st birthday, he’s “running” around the house just fine waving his little hands in the air for balance.

Last night he desperately needed a bath. I ran the bath water and had him standing in the bathroom while I took his clothes off. I had his shirt off and he looked so cute standing there with his little athletic shorts on and no shirt…of course that was from the front. He had poop smeared up his back. Then he heard daddy in the hallway and he loves his daddy. He hurried over to the door and peeked around to see him. The point of this little anecdote is that he is now old enough and big enough to walk where he wants to go and has learned how to peek around corners!!!

If you’ve read this blog you know that we discovered Jimmy’s first tooth coming in on his 7 month birthday. Then a week later we noticed the one right next to it coming in. He’s been so cute these last 5 months with his two little teeth on the bottom flashing with his smile and/or wails. A week or two ago we noticed that one of the top teeth was just about to pop through, then a day or so later we noticed one next to it was on its way too. Early this week I looked again and he has 4 teeth coming in on the top!!!!!! The two front teeth and the one on either side of them! They’ve barely broken through the gums but you can already see them when his mouth is open and it’s changing the way he looks soo much! It’s so cute and so sad because it’s just another reminder that he’s growing up and on his way to his first day of school and leaving mamma behind.

Which reminds me, I got a little ahead of myself this week and looked up registration requirements for kindergarten. I looked at the public schools and some private schools and then found myself reading a supply list for a 4K class and tearing up. I could just imagine buying all the supplies for school and labeling them with his name and sending him off into the 4K world. What a sad day.

I guess I better stop before I write a book. I think I’ve told you all of the important stuff and the other stuff you’d just have to see in person. The stuff where he fake coughs to make us laugh and has learned how to suck on a straw. The stuff where he’s talking to his hand or his toys or to us and making us laugh and most of all the stuff where he is so adorable and makes our faces and hearts light up every day and just all the stuff in between that we’ll treasure for always.

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