Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Man

Whale of a Mamma
Tomorrow is the big day!  One year ago....I was on bed rest due to high blood had just gotten home from Africa...I was eating a King Size Snicker every day...I was covered in horrible red itching bumps...and I was almost as big as a whale....maybe bigger.

Then we got in the truck...visited the midwife...and she decided we should meet our little bundle the next day.  Next came a flurry of activity as Grannie and Grandpa went grocery shopping, Daddy cleaned the house and ceiling fans and I tried to pack for myself and the nino between contractions.

Fast forward 365 days (again the day before the big day) and this is what my little bundle looks like now.  All grown up and starting to really look like Daddy.  It's actually kind of scary the ways he resembles him...right?

Man Child

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