Monday, September 12, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

Thanks to lots of help from lots of special people Jimmy had a wonderful 1st birthday party. You all know who you are (Grannie, Uncle Daniel and Stephanie!) so thank you berry, berry mucho!

The porch was done, the food and cake was ordered, the piñata was selected and all that was left to do was to put it all together. Daddy mowed the yard and put the finishing touches on the porch while Mercedes and I put the finishing touches on the house. Jimmy thought it was all great fun and followed us all around the house.

Stephanie and Emma came early to help me make signs to point people to the back yard and they worked! Not one person knocked on the front door!

3:30...The balloons were tied, the piñata filled, the food in place, the cake chilling in the refrigerator and it was time for the party!

But wait? Where is everyone???

4:00…no one.

4:30…still just us digging into the food and playing a rousing game of Uno Attack.

5:00…umm…we did tell everyone the 3rd, right?

5:30…huh, I guess its just us.

6:00…oh wait, there is everyone! All showing up at the same time!

He hated the hat but loved the cake!

Time for presents!

Jimmy enjoyed his cake, ripped open all his presents and got first swing at the piñata. Such a big boy already!!

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