Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Junkety Junk Drawer 10/31/12

If Wishes Were Money…

…I’d wish for a million things. Cause you know it’d be like a $1 for every wish and then I’d have a million $1s. Get it?

Project Overload

Okay, it’s not overload and actually my project is going well but there is still so much I want to accomplish in the next 5 days (including today) and not enough will power to do it. I’m lying. I have enough will power I just need more wishes ($$). Wishes AND muscles.

Really though, I think the heavy lifting for the most part is done. And as physically exhausting as that part was it seems like it was the easiest mentally speaking. You know how they call jocks dumb? I get it now, they might not all be dumb but using muscles doesn’t require a lot of brain power…the next steps in my project need mucho mas brain power.

In case you don’t know what my project is it’s pretty simple, in a high level manner of speaking. While my dearest fiancé is out of the country I’m rearranging the house. Well, two rooms in particular with a few other things thrown in the mix if I have time. It’s all a surprise too. I’m moving Jimmy & Joey into Mercedes room and moving Mercedes into their room. It sounds simple I’m sure – heck, it sounded simple in my head when I decided to do it.

So far I have:
Taken a door off it’s hinges
Moved 12 pieces of furniture (one of which had to be taken halfway apart and then reassembled)
Swapped the closets
Removed all of the wall decorations
Re-hung approximately ½ of the wall decorations
Moved all of the toys
Put the door back on it’s hinges minus one “hinge pin” that Jimmy swiped.

What’s left to do is more tedious and time consuming and detail oriented:
Sorting and recycling Jimmy & Joey’s toys and clothes.
Hanging curtains
Creating a play/toy area in their room
Painting a wardrobe in Mercedes room
Re-hanging the rest of the wall decorations
Cleaning/Organizing the office area in Mercedes room

I’m sure there is more but that’s all I can think of right at this minute. It’s looking good and I’m proud of my progress but I think this last half will feel a lot harder.

Jimmy & Joey

I have almost NO new pictures of Jimmy and Joey. I was looking through my pictures of them the past few months and there’s hardly any! And the ones I do have are either blurry or have bad lighting. So sorry, no new pictures with this post.

Joey will be 5 months tomorrow and he already has a tooth! He’s still such a big boy and I think he’s probably already gained close to another inch in length – he looks really solid and long to me. He’s starting to get really interested in Jimmy. He watches him all the time now and smiles at him. He also pulls Jimmy’s hair which causes a meltdown – but of course he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Poor Jimmy!

Jimmy is testing the boundaries and trying to assert his independence. He’s telling me “NO!” a lot and screaming at me – which I do my best not to let him get away with. He’s also speaking a lot clearer now and putting more words together to make short sentences. He still thinks the world of his baby brother and is a good helper with him – when he’s not taking away his pacifier.

Sorry I haven’t posted much this month. There has been a lot going on but hopefully things will start settling down just in time for the holidays!

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