Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jimmy & Joey Update


I don’t know how I have any heart left at all the way this little boy steals chunks of it every day. I’m learning more about him every day it seems. Sometimes writing these update posts are so difficult because I don’t know how to even begin telling you about the preciousness that is my boys. Where do I start? How do I describe some of those things you just have to see or experience to understand? I’ll give it my best shot though.

Bedtime at Grannie & Grandpa's
 Jimmy is such a fun and loving little boy and while he is 2 and pushing boundaries he is still just a really good boy. Last night after his bath I was slathering him in lotion and he started crying huge crocodile tears. I had no idea what he was crying about but it became clear pretty quickly that he was forcing himself to cry and I just got the sense that he was wanting some attention from his Mamma. Joey was asleep in his bed and Daddy was outside working and it was just me and Jimmy sitting on the couch getting him ready for bed. So I rocked him like a baby and wiped his never ending tears and tried to make him laugh. He did laugh as much as he tried not too and would make himself cry again. I didn’t mind rocking him though. I got his pajama shirt on him and he put his head on my shoulder so I rocked him some more and told him how much I love him, how special he is…and zonk he was out. I didn’t even bother with pajama bottoms, I just put him in bed.

I notice him watching us when we interact with Joey sometimes. He never shows any jealousy or tries to steal the spotlight. If anything he’ll share in the fun of talking to Joey and making him smile…but I get the feeling that he wants some of that attention too. I thought it was so sweet that he waited until it was just the two of us before coming up with an excuse to cuddle with me.

This morning he made a new discovery. On the way out to the truck he saw himself in the chrome bumper and was amazed! He told Daddy all about it and even showed him that he could see himself. It’s these types of things that are just so fun to experience with him.

Good Morning Grannie!
 The other day he was sitting in his little chair watching cartoons and he got excited about something and turned around and said “yeah!” to me and I said it back in a different tone apparently even though I didn’t do it intentionally. I saw him register it though and he turned back around and in a few seconds he said it again but exactly the way I just said it. That little mimicry touched my heart almost to the point of breaking. It may sound crazy but that little thing showed me the power that I have as his Mamma. What a huge responsibility we have as his parents. I never felt that responsibility weighing on me until that moment.

Here are a couple of videos of Jimmy and Joey together.

Jimmy & Joey 9/30/2012

Jimmy, Joey & a Tonka Toy

Jimmy & Joey 10/8/2012


Chins galore!
 Joey is 4 months now and he had his 4 month check up last Friday. The Dr said he looks great and that is weight gain and huge growth spurts will start tapering off when we start introducing solids in a couple of months. I don’t mind myself, I’m kind of proud of what a big boy he is. It never ceases to amaze me how big he really is though. Stephanie sent a 9 month fleece sleeper to him thinking he would fit into it before Thomas Daniel would. Monday was a pretty cold day so I tried it on him and it fit! The feet are a little long and it’s a little baggy but overall it fits him fine…he’s definitely not swimming in it. He’s gotten some length on him though so the chub is stretching out some, he doesn’t look quite as compact as he has up to this point. He has a great double chin though…it looks remarkably similar to the one I had at 4 months. Remember these chins??

4 month stats:

18 lbs 13 oz
25 inches

He’s such a smiley baby…he didn’t smile for so long…not until he was 9 weeks old…so I was beginning to think he would be a somber serious baby. Even more serious than Jimmy. It’s turning out to be the opposite I think. Joey doesn’t need much of a reason to smile and he has such a beautiful smile. I can’t seem to capture the full force of it very often because the minute you put the camera in front of his face he studies it in all seriousness. He’s just started laughing now and he’s ticklish so I have a great time getting those chuckles and squeals out. He smiled at Jimmy for the first time this week. I think it’s because Jimmy is starting to actually talk to him now. Before he just nodded at him a lot and gave him knuckles and patted his head.

He also rolled over for the first time on Monday – from belly to back. The Dr said it’s typical for bigger babies to not roll over very early because they are big but she said he should start showing interest by the time he’s six months…it didn’t even take a week!

Their Daddy and I very frequently share our wonderment with each other that we have the “titles” for two of the most wonderful little boys. They are both so precious to us.

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