Monday, September 24, 2012

Junk Drawer 9/24/12

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hoppy Bursday to joo, Hoppy Bursday to joo!

Hoppy BURSDAY dear Daaaad!

Hoppy Bursday to JOO!!!!!

This makes me think of the horrible thing I almost wrote in my BIG BOSS’s birthday card this year. I was trying to be clever so I tried personalizing the lyrics to the “Birthday Song” they sing to you at restaurants (you know “Happy, Happy Birthday, we’re so glad you’re here! Happy Happy Birthday, come again next year!").

1st Line: Happy Happy Birthday, we’re so glad you’re here! (yeah – not too original I know)
2nd Line: Happy Happy Birthday, I hope you’re still here next year! (AHHH!!! He’s old but not THAT old!)
Revised 2nd Line: Happy Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great year!

So glad I caught myself before I actually wrote it…I still need this job.

All or Nothing
I’m playing a new lottery game that I’ve convinced myself that I actually have a chance of winning. A good chance! You get 12 numbers chosen from 1-24 and you win the grand prize if you get ALL of the numbers or NONE of the numbers. So far I haven’t won anything but I know its going to happen one of these days.

New Sleeping Arrangements

Well, I did it. I moved Joey’s bed into Jimmy’s room 4 nights ago. He had already been in our room 1.5 month longer than Jimmy was and we were feeling it. You see I have to have a light on in the room so I can see Joey when I get up and the extra light was really starting to interfere with our sleep. My biggest concern in moving him was that Jimmy and Joey would wake each other up in the middle of the night with their cries. I started noticing though that during naptime that crying didn’t affect either of them so I thought I was safe to give it a try.

Joey & Jimmy's Room

1st Night: Joey ended up in bed with us for the rest of the night after an hour in Jimmy’s room. After running in their room 3 times in 15 minutes to soothe his fussing I decided it wasn’t worth it. That seemed abnormal for Joey though so I started thinking that maybe it was too quiet in Jimmy’s room for him since we have a loud fan in our room.

2nd Night: So the next night I moved a fan in their room and turned it on low for white noise. He did a lot better and slept about half the night in there.

3rd and 4th Nights: I think he probably would have slept the whole night in there if I had remembered to take him back to his bed after he got done eating. I did find out though that the fan has to be on high for him to sleep the best. AND bonus Jimmy hasn’t woken up crying in awhile either. Maybe he just needed white noise too.

I think we’re sleeping better too now that the room is pitch black again.

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