Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jim-oey Videos

So far having a two year old has been awesome. I don’t know if the “Terrible Two’s” are just around the corner or if this is as bad as it gets. I’m crossing my fingers that this is as bad as it gets although I’m up for the challenge of whatever he wants to test me with. Turning two didn’t automatically change him into a little brat is what I’m trying to say. He already was one. I kid, I kid! It’s the opposite actually – he’s still a sweet big brother, a loving, funny, smart as all get out, sometimes ornery little boy. And all boy for sure. He has started testing the boundaries to see what he can get away with lately but other than that he’s still my sweet little Jimmy – just two now.

He officially graduated from his “baby” checkups last Friday. He only has to have annual checkups now like a real “big boy”, so barring any sicknesses that we can’t cure with Tylenol, cough syrup and spit he won’t have to see the Dr again until he’s three. Three! Here are his two year weight and height stats:

25 lbs 10 oz
34 inches

I don’t know what Jimmy’s deal is with 10 oz but for the last three appointments he’s weight has ended in 10 oz! I’ve been noticing perfectionist tendencies in him but even so I don’t think he can control his weight down to the ounces!

12 months: 22 lbs 10 oz
18 months: 23 lbs 10 oz
24 months: 25 lbs 10 oz

I’m curious now to see what his weight will be in a year! Here’s two Jimmy videos:

Playing on the “Tractor”

Big Boots


Smiling at Grannie
Little Joey is doing his share of growing too. He’s such a sweet, laid back baby. We scrubbed him down last night in the bath and he just sat there and took it without even a whimper. He makes The cutest faces in his sleep. Sometimes he smiles so big and sometimes his face scrunches up in the saddest face you’ve ever seen without actually crying. He’s talking a lot more and smiling and laughing a lot and let me tell you those smiles are addictive.

I think he’s about to hit a growth spurt or he's just hitting it. He’s sleeping for longer stretches and eating more and I think he’s starting to teethe. He’s chewing on his fingers and hands and starting to drool a little bit. This is when Jimmy started teething too so if he continues on like his brother we’ll probably see his first tooth somewhere around January.

Here’s a Joey video:
Smiling & Talking

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