Thursday, September 6, 2012

He's TWO!!

He’s 2, He’s 2!

I’m not sure how it arrived and departed so quickly but Jimmy’s 2nd birthday…happened. Lucky boy will always have his birthday on or around Labor Day weekend so he’s pretty much guaranteed a 3 day weekend for his birthday every year. Must be nice! This year we thought we would take a family trip to celebrate the holiday and his birthday instead of having a big party. He’s only two after all. We decided on a destination…Aunt Vickie’s house…and off we went with Grannie in tow.

We were so excited about the trip and anxiously awaiting news that my sweet little nephew might arrive sooner than we thought that we almost forgot about Jimmy’s birthday and the fact that he was going to officially be two years old. Not “almost two” anymore. TN was beautiful and rainy…or beautifully rainy…and Aunt Vickie’s front porch was a peaceful and relaxing as I remembered. It was wonderful to see the family and truly a surprise to see my cousin Hannah in from CO…even though I might have figured out the surprise a little ahead of time…might have. More family came in unexpectedly and it turned into a mini family reunion!

In the midst of enjoying the family, the rain, the porch, catching up on sleep in a swinging bed (another story for another time!), eating delicious food and attending our very first demolition derby….Jimmy turned two. TWO! The trip was really all we were planning to do for his birthday although we did get him a little broom that we still haven’t remembered to actually give him and I was thinking maybe to get him a little cupcake of his very own to eat. But Aunt Vickie and Crew took matters into their own hands and baked and decorated two cakes (one for Jimmy and one for Grannie) and threw him a proper party with singing and candles and the works!

He sat smiling so sweetly in his chair while we sang to him and then blew out the two candles as if he knew exactly what he was supposed to do. Then we sang to Grannie and he helped her blow out her candles too.

Next came a bunch of presents and CAKE! You can see him opening his presents and enjoying his cake here:

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing Out His Candles

Blowing Out Grannie's Candles

Opening Presents

Eating Cake

Happy 2nd Birthday Jimmy! We love you sweet boy!

Jimmy - 12 months to 24 months

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