Thursday, August 30, 2012





He’s not calling me. Nope, he’s calling Daddy! I know he can say Daddy but I think he gets confused because they both have a “y” at the end. Sometimes just for fun I’ll tell him to give something to Daddy just to hear him say “MomMY!”. Daddy half the time ignores him because he doesn’t even realize Jimmy’s talking to him. I’m going to have to get it on camera one of these days.

He’s going to be TWO years old in 3 days. He’s growing and learning so fast these days that I find it nearly impossible to keep up with him. Sometimes I just look at “Mommy” in amazement and wonder when he learned whatever it is that he just said or did.  He's quickly leaving baby-hood behind.  Sweet boy!

"Mommy's" Boys!

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