Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oops I Did It Again....

I read a random blog post about chickens in Farmers Branch yesterday, a story for a different time, and really liked how this girl organized the topics in her blog. So I took the idea and applied it to my blog(s).

So far this year my little blog has been viewed almost 2,000 times. I have no idea WHO or HOW MANY people are viewing it. I’d almost be willing to believe Grannie V has personally viewed it 1,500 times herself! Can’t be sure though. 2,000 views in less than a year is a lot to me even if it’s not a lot to the rest of the world. But even without people to view it I still love my little blog; writing posts about pretty much whatever pops into my head, arranging the layout and apparently changing the title too.

Blog Labels
 I like having things categorized and easy to find…that’s why I created Jimmy’s Corner earlier this year. In my desire to simplify things I over-complicated them. It seemed like the answer at the time though. I’m leaving the Jimmy’s Corner blog and all of its posts open but I won’t be posting there anymore. It was too much work, too confusing and no one checked it out anyway. From now on I’m simply going to label each post with one of the following tags:
  • Family 
  • Jimmy 
  • Joey 
  • Junk Drawer 
  • Pregnancy: Jimmy 
  • Pregnancy: Joey 
  • Pure Random-ness
So if you want to read all of the posts about Jimmy all you have to do is look on the sidebar to the right and click on Jimmy. It will bring up all the posts that are about him. See isn’t that easier? If I add topics to my blog in the future I’ll just add another tag to the list.
I did it (reorganized) again and I'll probably do it again and again and....

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