Monday, August 6, 2012

Junk Drawer 8/6/2012

Q: Got Milk?


When I first went back to work after Jimmy was born I was able to pump enough milk for the bottles he would need the next day and a little extra in case some was spilled or he decided he wanted an extra bottle. At first I was getting the extra back at the end of the day but that didn’t last long…not even a couple of weeks. I started worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to pump enough to keep up with him. Weeks later we discovered the sitter was overfeeding him with every bottle. By that time though I had already gone through my meager stash in the freezer and I was never able to keep more than one or two bottles worth frozen after that. It was really stressful knowing that I HAD to pump enough for the next day because if I didn’t I didn’t have any or much extra to make up the difference.

Boy is it different with Joey! I feel like my milk supply is in overdrive and while I’m thankful it’s also causing a different kind of problem. Storage! I have room and can make more room in the freezer but I’m running out of containers to put the milk in. On top of that I’m using bottles for storage and now over half of my bottles are in the freezer and that’s causing a shortage of containers to pump into. I ordered Lansinoh storage bags that should be delivered tomorrow but over the weekend I ended up buying some because I had MORE milk that had to be frozen or it would go bad.

I have approximately 80 oz frozen right now and I usually have 5-10 more oz to freeze every evening!

Now if only the money would pour in the same way…

Heeeeyyyyy Margarita, Aye!

Oops I mean “Macarena”…no actually I mean margarita. Now you will all be humming The Macarena since no one can remember the words except for that line and I’ll even bet some of you bust out the dance moves too…you know just to see if you can remember them.

We dropped the boys off with Grannie and Grandpa Saturday evening after a late dinner and headed to our favorite restaurant for a margarita. It was the first one I’d had in about a year and it was worth the wait!

While we were out Jimmy and Joey were having baths at Grannie and Grandpa’s and Joey was showing off his newfound ability to smile. Yes! After NINE long weeks of waiting and watching he finally smiled at me Saturday morning. Boy it took him long enough! I was beginning to think I had the most somber baby in the world.


Jimmy's new toy - 2 in 1!!
Bathtime at Grannie's
Blurry Smile!
Isn't he cute??

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  1. Glad BF is going well though I must admit I am jealous! I'm so glad that it's working better this time. I so would have loved to have had enough, much less extra! There you go being a SUPERMOM again!


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