Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Junk Drawer 8/14/2012

Not Again!

Yep…again and it probably won’t be the last time. I forgot to put on deodorant! And when its supposed to be 102 today that’s not the ideal thing to forget. It’s not the first time I’ve forgotten it either. Thankfully I’m stuck in my cubicle all day and I’m not required to interact with a lot of people face to face. So I guess I’ll only be offending my own nose.

It won’t be long…

….and I’ll be an aunt!! We still have approximately five weeks (give or take a few) to meet the little booger but it’s really starting to feel like his arrival is right on top of us. We went to the baby shower last weekend and we’re so close to Jimmy’s birthday that it all just feels like its about to happen anytime. What does Jimmy’s birthday have to do with it? Well Jimmy was due on exactly the same day Little Daniel is due! My gut feeling is that he’ll be born the week before he’s due but these little ones can be tricky…giving you signs they’re coming RIGHT NOW and then hang out for a week after the due date. Or make you think they’re never going to come on their own and then BAM they’re here.

Whenever he gets here I can’t wait to meet him and spoil him rotten the way my aunts spoil(ed) me.

P.S. I promise not to text/email/call Daniel and Stephanie every day asking about contractions, dilation, effacement or saying “anything happening yet??” Maybe every other day…but not every day!

Puke and Poop…oh my!
And you thought the stories of poop were over. So sorry! I’m going to regale you with another.

I’ve finally gotten to the point that a little puke is all in a day’s work, thank you Jimmy. It’s just so random sometimes with no signs leading up to it whatsoever. Thankfully even though I’m a supermom in my own head I don’t always get the laundry put up when its done. So there is almost always a towel handy when those random bouts of puking happen. In fact you could almost say it’s a strategic move to leave the laundry sitting in the recliner days on end in case of random puke moments. The most recent one was Sunday night in the middle of dinner. Jimmy was chewing and chewing and chewing a bite of beans and smiling at us and showing us what was in his mouth while we repeatedly told him to swallow it. Out of the blue here came the beans, chicken and chunks of avocado he’d just eaten. No warning, it just happened. I grabbed the towel laying there so handily, cleaned it up, took his shirt off, put another one on him and that was it. We finished dinner and Jimmy played happily the rest of the evening.

Joey on the other hand hardly ever spits up. He’ll have the occasional spit up and even more rare a big puke-y spit up. He did inherit some super duper, smelly toots though, poor little guy. Seriously, its bad! I can’t tell you how many times people have handed him to me saying I think he has a dirty diaper and I check and nothing…it was just a little fart that smelled like a sewer. Breast milk poop doesn’t stink half as bad as formula poop does and an extra nice benefit of breast fed babies is that it can be normal for them to go days without pooping at all. Their bodies digest almost all of the milk so that there is hardly any waste. Joey has been following that trend pretty well and going a good 4-5 days without any dirty diapers which has been really nice.

So last night I was holding him and he farted and I gagged. Then I handed him to Daddy and told him how stinky his son was. Then in a little bit he gagged and told him he had a dirty diaper and needed to be changed. I just laughed and said "I bet he doesn’t!" I checked the leg of his diaper to prove I was right and wonder of wonders Daddy was right…he did have a dirty diaper! I set about changing him and saw that there wasn’t that much in the diaper and hoped he was really finished and didn’t decide to poop on me in the middle of changing him. Then I lifted him up to use the wipe and there was no end to the poop up his back, on his clothes and now on the couch! After going through about 15 wipes, no joke, we decided a bath would be better and rushed him to the tub and scrubbed him down.

The moral of the story is puke and poop mean nothing to me anymore. I never know if they’re going to make an appearance in the course of the day but if they do? I’ll have a towel handy.

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