Wednesday, August 22, 2012

18-22 Years

I was sitting on the train yesterday reading my book and from time to time I would lift my head to think a little more deeply about something I had just read or to check out my surroundings. You can’t be too careful these days. At some point a young man with a bicycle got on the train and stood at the front of the car directly in my line of sight. He was a good looking young man – dark hair, tan skin, nice masculine face, somewhat tall and slightly muscular (probably from carrying the bicycle around). He looked to be somewhere between 18-22…I’m really bad at guessing “young” people’s ages these days. After seeing him in my line of sight for probably the 5th time I thought “I bet he was a fat baby”. LOL It just goes to show a mom’s world revolves around her babies.

Napping in his swing
Speaking of fat babies, Joey is such a squishy chunky little booger and I couldn’t be more proud. Seriously, I’m so proud of how big he is. I obviously had something to do with it seeing as how I grew him and all and I feed him. But what it is exactly that I’m doing I haven’t the slightest idea…I didn’t do anything different with Jimmy…so that tells me I probably have less to do with it than I think but I still can’t help feeling like I’m doing something amazing here.

I took the boys to the Dr last Thursday and got to see how much they weighed while we were there:

Jimmy (almost 2): 26 lbs 8 oz
Joey (2.5 months): 16 lbs 11 oz !!!!!!!!!

Those little hands!  I love 'em!

I looked back at an old blog post to Jimmy’s six month appointment and he was 15 lbs 15 oz at SIX months! Even though they are two different babies and it’s not really fair to compare them I still can’t help making the comparisons between the two. I think I’m just constantly amazed at how big Joey is that I can’t help but laugh sometimes…must be a Chickasaw thing. I knew before he was born that he would be an AniMAHlone but I never imagined that he would be a giant and that I would be putting my almost 3 month old in 3-6 months clothes and that they would fit like a glove.

As big and chunky as he is and with as many little rolls as he has he’s more solid than he is squishy. He’s really strong – his neck, his arms and his legs. I can totally imagine him standing on a train with a bicycle as a good looking young man in about 18-22 years.

Mamma's Little Babydoll

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