Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Most Precious"

Red Alert! Red Alert!  Blog Overload!!

At a minimum of 12 times a day I pass by Joey in his swing, in his bed or being held and I think "Oh my goodness he is the most precious..." and then I stop myself because I said that about Jimmy too.  I don't guess they can both be the Most precious baby I've ever seen.  But 4 minutes later I'll catch a glimpse of his wobbly head and little tongue sticking out and I'll think "He's got to be the most precious..."  Dang it!  It's hard having two little boys because I can't even diffrentiate and say "the most precious little boy I've ever seen"....they're both boys!  Anyway.  He's precious, just as precious as Jimmy was in his own Joey way.

I was fiddling with the settings on my phone/camera and took these.  Thought I'd share.  Isn't he the most precious...?

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