Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jimmy: 23 Months!

Kool-Aid on a hot day

 The “Big J” of the “J’s”. He’s 23 months today and that means he’ll be 2 years old in a month! Actually we’ve already been referring to him as 2 or almost 2 for awhile now. I don’t know when the magical cut off is when you stop referring to your children’s age as weeks or months but it feels like a mouthful to say "he’s 20 months" or "he’s 22 months now". Then you see the person’s eyes become unfocused as they do the math in their heads to figure out where that puts him in years. And if you're a little doubtful as to their abilities to arrive at the correct conclusion that he is almost 2 then you follow up the “22 months” with “almost 2”. So now I just skip the whole months thing (unless I’m talking to another mom with babies) and just say “he’s 2”.

Jimmy is so…so…well, he’s so many things. I just love that little boy so much and he makes me want to pull my hair out. Sometimes I want to just tell him “Stop! Stop being almost 2 for one minute!” cause he’s just driving me crazy with the whining and pointing and running and banging things on anything and everything. But mostly I just want to squish him and tell him “Please don’t grow up yet!”

He fist bumps (“knuckles”) anyone with hands, more than once. First one hand and then the other and then over again if you’re lucky. He’ll yell at you to get your attention if you don’t happen to see his little fist up the air for a bump. I’ve figured out that knuckles means a lot of different things to Jimmy. It means:
  • Hello
  • Bye
  • Goodnight
  • I love you
  • Don’t be mad at me
  • Is everything okay?
  • Please forget that I’m in trouble because I’m just so cute and I’m fist bumping you
  • Yea!
  • I’m going to do what you said not to do anyway but I want to fist bump you to make you think I’m listening.

I’m sure that list will expand a lot more in the next few months but that’s what I’ve come up with so far.
  • He understands so much but he’s still not talking a lot. What he does say is mostly in Spanish but he understands the English version too.
  • He throws his sippy cups in the sink when he’s done with them.
  • He’ll throw all the diapers (dirty ones) he sees in the trash whether he’s asked to or not.
  • He still loves to get into the trash can to find new “toys”.
  • He’s learning how to buckle himself into the car seat.
  • He claps for himself when he does something new and claps whenever he hears or sees anyone else clapping.
  • He hates water in his face but loves bath time.
  • He’s getting stingy with hugs and kisses.
  • He loves to play outside.
  • The coffee table is his jungle gym…no matter how many times we say “No” or “Get Down!”…he climbs over and under it and sits on top of it to play with his toys
He seems to really love Joey. He gives him knuckles and kisses all the time and if he can’t give him knuckles or kisses he rubs his head and pats his chest/belly area. If they’re on the couch or bed together Jimmy has to lay next to him or with his head on Joey’s belly. Last night I propped Joey up on the couch and walked away for a minute…Jimmy sounded the alarm…he was so upset that I “forgot” Joey on the couch.
I’m forgetting so much but how can you document every little thing? I can't believe he'll be 2 in a month!  He’s our precious little hippie boy.


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  1. He's changed a ton, even since your Baby Shower for Joey! Can't wait to see them both again and you of course!


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