Friday, November 9, 2012

Blowing Bubbles

I posted a little yesterday about Joey and what he's up to now that he's almost 5.5 months.  He has not one but two teeth on the bottom.  He'll occasionally chew on me and that's no fun but mostly he's good about being sweet to his Mamma.

It seems like literally everything is going faster with this little one.  Not only is my attention and focus split between two little boys but Joey seems to be growing and hitting some milestones a lot faster than Jimmy did.  In a way it's impressive but for his Mamma it's just sad and going too quickly.


Jimmy - two bottom teeth at 7 months
Joey - two bottom teeth at 5 months

Clothes and Diapers:

Jimmy - wore a 3-6 month hoodie at 12 months.  Size 4 diaper at 2 years.
Joey - wearing 9-12 month clothes at 5 months.  Size 4 diaper at 4 months.

I've also already sorted Joey's clothes more times in the first 5 months than I did in Jimmy's first year.

Sitting up:
Jimmy - sitting up at 5 months
Joey - working on it but not there yet

Thats just a few examples of  how fast it's all going.

We gave Joey his first bite of avocado two nights ago.  We have a video of it but I haven't uploaded it yet but I'll definitely post it when I do.  It was really cute he ate it off the spoon like he knew exactly what to do - no tongue thrust reflex at all!  We're not planning to really start solids in full force yet but we'll probably give him little bites of this and that over the next few weeks just to get him used to the spoon and different textures and flavors.

Here is a video I took last night of Joey talking and blowing bubbles.  When he saw the camera he stopped talking though so it's mostly blowing bubbles.  Jimmy makes a shy cameo appearance also.

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