Thursday, November 29, 2012

Junk Drawer 11/29/12


My firstborn is just about the most precious two year old I know. Actually he IS the most precious two year old I know.

- I check on the Ninos in the back seat and Jimmy is almost always holding Joey’s hand. Makes my heart melt.

- More and more frequently I get a sincere, un-prompted “Tank Tu Mommy, Tank Tu!” when I do something for him.

- If he happens to wake up in the morning before I leave he says “Hola Mommy” when I walk into his room.

- “OwhkAY” is his new buzz word. It goes like this –

Me: “Jimmy bring me the blanket”
Jimmy: “Blanket? OwhkAY!”

Me: “Shut the door”
Jimmy: “Door? OwhkAY!”

Jimmy sitting in his carseat picks up his pacifier from his lap. Holds it up for me to see, mumbles something with a very expressive face while nodding his head emphatically. Then “OwhkAY!” and sticks it in his mouth. You probably had to be there but it was hilarious.


That’s what Joey has. Poor little papa. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Man, anything with the word “disease” in it sounds scary but it’s actually a virus.

I think he must actually have a mild version of it because what I’ve read online sounds like it can be pretty bad with really painful sores. Thankfully, he only has sores in the back of his throat – and just a mild rash around his mouth, hands, arms and feet. The rash has actually mostly faded already.

But the sores in his throat make it painful to eat so he hasn’t eaten much the last couple of days and doesn’t even want his pacifier.

Holiday Game Night

We invited my family over this Saturday for Desserts and Game Night. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m going to at least try to have our Christmas tree up and decorated.

So far the menu looks like this:

Egg Nog

Homemade Hot Chocolate



No-Bake Cookies

and maybe Rice Krispy Treats

Can’t wait! It’s too bad it’s going to be close to 80 that day…not very “holiday-ish” at all.

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