Thursday, August 5, 2010


Jimmy had the hiccups a bunch yesterday!  It seems to takes a little bit for it to sink in that he's not kicking or poking me...he's jerking with tiny little hiccups!  I've wondered if I would be able to tell the difference since he was supposed to start hiccuping ages ago if you go by what all the pregnancy books and websites tell you and finally just figured I didn't know my baby well enough to tell the difference.  I hadn't thought about it in weeks though after finally accepting the fact that even though I'm his Mamma I'm not all-knowing (yet).  Then yesterday sitting at my desk I noticed a rhythmic little jerking going on and finally realized that it was THE HICCUPS!!!  Yea!!  I CAN tell the difference!  Then he had them again last night when I got in bed and it feels like a little heartbeat bumping in my stomach that I could feel on the outside.

He's starting to get a little schedule going and it's neat to recognize when he starts waking up and wanting to play and then when he's settling down again for a nap.  He's also growing and fast!  My belly is starting to get really big, at least it feels that way to me.  Yesterday I parked next to a big concrete pole and when I left work I couldn't squeeze past the pole and my truck to get in the drivers side door and there was a car parked on the other side of the pole so I had to get in the passenger side!  I just had to laugh...

The time is flying and crawling by all at the same time.  I'm ready for him to be here and not nearly ready enough!

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