Friday, August 13, 2010


Vaca Bendito! (Holy Cow! in Espanol)  It makes me laugh every time I hear it.  Anyway, Holy Cow! I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow!!!  The time is really scootin' now!

My big plans for the weekend is to continue to stay cool - helps with the itching and of course being cool just feels good in this awful Texas heat.  I'm also planning to channel my mother for a day or two and arrange and rearrange Jimmy's room.  I may even repeat the process a couple of times.  I'd also like to hit up some garage sales and maybe a thrift store or two to see if I can find the perfect dresser or armoire to hold all of his little clothes.  Perfect doesn't necesarily mean in good condition - it just needs good bones so we can re-do, re-finish and any other "re" that needs to be done to make it look and function perfectly.

PUPPPs Update:  The week long dose of steroids seemed to really help a lot!!  The rash has almost completely disappeared and the itching has subsided to a dull roar - if that makes sense.  I'm currently taking Dandelion Root tincture and Zyrtec everyday and the heat and night time does seem to aggravate the itchiness but other than that I'm almost completely back to normal.  I'm still using my grannie-smelling lotion (Sarna) when I need it but I'm just so thankful to have this thing "managed" and here's hoping we can keep it that way for the next 5 weeks.  I have to say I won't be sad if Jimmy decides to come a little early and put his Mamma out of her itchy misery....besides that I really want to hold him already!!

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