Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beautiful Day

We've been having some really beautiful weather this week.  I think Jerry Jones must have put in a special order for it since he screwed up so bad with the Super Bowl.  However it got here I'm just happy it's here!  It was a little overcast yesterday and breezy but all in all just beautiful!

When I got home with my little booger I checked the mail and opened what I thought was the water bill and it turned out to be a nice letter from the city asking politely if we thought maybe the end of February might be a good time to take down our Christmas lights.  No pressure of course! After giving it a little thought I figured why not?!

Knowing I wanted to help get the lights down and that I still needed to keep an eye on Jimmy I decided to pull the Pack and Play out and put it on the porch. I think he liked it...what do you think??

Mmmm! This tastes gooood!
Oh hey Mom!

This is fun!

The lights came down and were put in their bins in record time. You're welcome tattletale neighbors! Then we sat down on the porch with the baby and enjoyed the pretty weather until the sun was almost setting.  Truly a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

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  1. He's getting such a personality! Can't wait to meet him!


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