Saturday, February 26, 2011

Countdown to Six Months: Month 2

Month 2, October, was a really good and a really hard month.  We were settling into a rhythm, learning who Jimmy is and what his preferred schedule was and he was learning how to tie us tighter around his little finger.  He was starting to smile smiles that weren't gas related and melting our hearts with each one.  He was still a bobble head but starting to be able to support it really well by himself.  He also discovered that his thumb would do in a pinch if the pacifier wasn't handy. 

I also started back to work that month and had to leave my precious little one with someone else for 9 hours every day.  That made the month one of the harder ones of the last 6.  But I'm thankful to report that while it's not what I want I've adjusted pretty well and Jimmy doesn't seem to mind too much either.

Here are a couple of pictures from Month 2.

With Mamma
Found My Thumb
Good Sleeper
First Bottle
So Sleepy
1st Time in the Bumbo

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