Friday, February 25, 2011

Ode to My High Chair

I've just got to say it.  It really needs to be said.
I. Love. My. High Chair.
Or is it High-Chair? Highchair?  You say Highchair, I say High Chair....lets call the whole thing off!

Moving on.  I sparkly heart with a cherry on top and extra whip cream love my high chair. Sorry, really moving on now. I remember unwrapping this deceptively simple package at my baby shower.  All of the gifts thrilled and overwhelmed me because it really brought it home how close I was to holding my baby.  This particular package was a surprise because I thought it was a little overpriced and I didn't really expect anyone to buy it but I was relieved to have one less thing to worry about.

We put it together in anticipation of Jimmy's arrival and sat it against the wall in the dining room. It sat there for several months just waiting for Jimmy to grow enough to use it.  We finally folded it up and put it in the closet because we obviously didn't have a need for it yet since Jimmy wasn't eating solids yet.  I mean what else could you possibly need a high chair for except to feed your child?? Ohhhh if we had only grasped the pure genius this little invention was...the things I would do-over...the things I would un-buy...the pictures I would have taken!

In an effort to not drag this love story out too much longer I will list the ways Henry, yes I named my high chair, has made my life better.
  • He rolls around the house with ease. Carpert, corners, tight spaces, chairs and tables mean nothing to him.
  • He has 6, S-I-X, adjustable heights. I can feed Jimmy sitting on the couch or standing up and be just as comfortable either way.
  • His large tray is an excellent play table and makes awesome noises when you bang your little chubby hand or a teething ring on it!
  •  Henry reclines!!!!!!!! I'm not sure if you're cromprehending the enormous beauty in this single characteristic. Henry reclines!
To wrap it all up for you Jimmy can eat, play and sleep in Henry. Eat, Play and Sleep!!  What would I do without Henry??

**I'll post some pictures of Henry in action soon**

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