Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mamma's Little Apple - Week 15

We're now 15 weeks along with +1 and according to the book he is about 4 inches long, 2 1/2 oz and about the size of an apple.

+1 at 15 weeks
My belly is most definitly bigger than an apple...not sure what to say about that.  I've added a belly picture page to the blog.  You can find it at the top, click on Belly to Baby to see the pictures.  I'm trying to add one every week but I get behind sometimes. 

I've felt this baby move a lot quicker than I did with Jimmy, probably because I know what to expect.  I've been feeling little flutters here and there for over a week now but Tuesday when it was officially week 15 I felt a pretty good little "tap, tap" in there.  I don't think he liked the lap belt I was wearing in the truck. 

We have about 5 more weeks until we'll find out what +1 is.  I honestly don't have a clue this time.  I refer to him as "him" because it's easier since I already have a boy but I really have no idea.  There are some pretty definite opinions around me though and most of them say "Boy" but there are some pretty definite opinions that say "Girl" too.  I'm hoping to schedule the ultrasound for the 30th of January.  I'll keep you updated!

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