Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and Update - Week 16

Happy New Year!

Jimmy was 16 months yesterday and +1 is 16 weeks today.  They're both growing so quickly!  +1 is the size of an avocado and about 4.5 inches and 3.5 ounces.  We're getting really close to halfway!  We have approx 5.5 months left until he's here.

+1 at 16 weeks

Our holidays flew by this year.  Christmas and New Years went by in a flash and I don't think I have any pictures or any stories to tell.  Jimmy's had a blast with all of his new toys though and we've put away all the new clothes for when he's bigger.  +1 even got his first gift from Grannie and Grandpa Webb. 

We got to meet a little boy last night, Brett, that is 17 months old and it was remarkable the similarities in their actions!  It's so easy to think of all the things Jimmy does as his little idiosyncrasies but really its all a part of the growth phase he's in.  They sat next to each other in highchairs at the end of the table and got really acquainted with each other.  First they looked at each other in little spurts, then they pulled on each others clothes, I even saw Jimmy touching Bretts hair.  Then things started getting violent.  They hit each other, poked each other, pulled more aggressively on each others clothes.  Brett really, really wanted Jimmy's pacifier and Jimmy wasn't having any of it.  No yelling...just quiet determination on both faces.  They both hit the table and threw things and ate whatever was put in their mouths or spit it out.  They both raised their hands to high five or wave or as a precursor to hitting...the thing is you can never tell until it happens what the intention is.  Bretts mom and I enjoyed discussing all the things they are doing now and not doing yet and made ourselves feel better that our sons really are smart and right on track.

Jimmy spent the day with Grannie, Grandpa, Uncle Daniel, Stephanie and Emma on the 1st and had a great time.  He helped Grannie around the house with the sweeping.

Sweeping for Grannie

Then I was able to get a picture of him napping in his reclining chair yesterday.  Such a cute little boy!

Good Nap!
We decided last week that we'll cut his hair the first time on his 2nd birthday.  So we have another 9 months of a little raggamuffin but he's still just so cute!


  1. So you should know the sex around the first of Feb? Waiting for that post!

  2. I'm hoping for the 30th! Fingers crossed they can fit us in that day.


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