Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tomato...Tomaahhto - Week 19

In almost 48 hours exactly we’ll know!!

I’m trying to mark each milestone…as much for myself as for celebrating this new little one. I certainly haven’t seen the future but in our life plan this is our last baby, which means it’s also my last pregnancy. So I’m all for making each milestone as memorable as possible. In that spirit I’m trying to decide how to make the big “boy/girl” announcement. When we found out with Jimmy it seems like immediately after leaving the ultrasound appointment we made a bunch of calls, then wrote emails and posted tweets shouting from the mountaintops of thrill and excitement - “It’s a boy!!!” I beg your indulgence dear friends and family (I’m waxing eloquent now) in wanting to make this announcement a wee bit more, shall we say, dramatic.

Nothing seems right though. By the time we can get all of the family together several days will have gone by and family and friends will be threatening me with bodily harm and I’ll be about to explode from holding in the news. “It’s a Boy!!” “It’s a Girl!!” “It’s Twins!!” “A Puppy???” (a puppy wouldn’t really surprise me since I have been a *itch lately – that’s for you Dad!)

An elaborate blog post just doesn’t seem personal enough…so what to do?? All I know is I have about 47 more hours to figure it out…if you have any ideas, suggestions, tips or just great stories about gender announcements tell me in the comments.

Since dubbing this baby “Little Pepper” last week I can’t stop calling her/him that…even though s/he’s a big tomato this week. I know what a cherry tomato looks like, a roma tomato and even those slicing tomatoes in the produce section. I’ve heard of an heirloom tomato but I don’t think I’ve ever seen or held one and if you must know I’ve avoided eating any tomatoes for most of my life…so I don’t even know what they taste like. But apparently I’m growing one in my womb this week.

Weighing in at approx. 8.5 ounces and measuring 6 inches here is +1 at 19 Weeks.

+1 at 19 Weeks

And here is my Week 19 belly picture…no comparison pic this week.

Week 19 with +1

And to keep everyone up to date I also changed my hair color.

Do I look like my mom now?


  1. It's getting more exciting by the day!!!

  2. You should name her Pepper. Since my vote is girl... haha!
    Also, I like your hair. It looks warming. :)


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