Monday, January 30, 2012

Maynard is out

Naming a baby from scratch is hard.  It’s so much easier when you already have name ideas beforehand. We’re at square 1 or maybe even square 0 if such a square exists.

Another problem/issue that we’re encountering is the amount of people
- in the world
- in our lives
- in our families.
All of those people, and a lot of them are boys, have names! Highly inconsiderate of them if you ask me. It’s almost impossible to come across a name that you could possibly consider naming your precious little baby boy without also thinking of someone you know that has that name.

It could be that person is a wonderful person but depending on the relationship you might or might not want to use it. And if that person is a lazy, rude, inconsiderate, ignorant, redneck sonofagun then forget it!

So far all we’ve managed to accomplish is to disqualify “Maynard”. Sadly that was probably the one name that doesn’t have a person we know attached to it.

I may or may not keep you apprised at our attempt to play the Name Game. I will assure you that whatever names make it to the short list and ultimately the name chosen will be appropriately masculine in nature.

I also just independently decided that “Cletus” is out as well.

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