Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Junk Drawer

Everyone has one or should have one.
Need batteries?
Need a pen?
Need a hose clip?
Need a hair tie?
Need scrap paper?
Don’t want it but don’t want to throw it away??

JUNK DRAWER!! The multi-purpose or all-purpose drawer…holds anything and everything…misc bits and odds and ends. Defies organization.

That’s my new name of that don’t have a point, purpose or reason. Mostly rambling and you can find anything from comments about pregnancy flatulence to recipes (that maybe cause pregnancy flatulence) and anything and everything in between.

I’m starving. It’s 9:52am and I’m starving. I haven’t eaten today but I keep thinking I already have so this feeling of hunger is ridiculous. Except I haven’t eaten so I really should but now it’s only an hour away from lunch so I might as well wait. :sigh:

I have a meeting with my manager this afternoon to review my progress on my goals for this fiscal year. I don’t even remember what my goals are. I should probably look at them before the meeting. I think my goals should be:
1. Come to work.
2. Do my job.
3. Grow a baby.
4. Go on maternity leave.
I could accomplish those in my sleep. I probably might not forget them either.

Speaking of forgetting things. I’m forgetting something. I’ve had that feeling for a few days and sometimes its really strong and sometimes I forget about it. I just don’t know what I’m forgetting. Hope it’s not important.

Man I’m hungry!

Closing the junk drawer now.

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