Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Gender Will Turnip Soon - Week 17

+1 is 17 weeks today! Approximately 3 more weeks until we find out what he/she is. I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow and we’ll probably schedule the ultrasound then. I’m really shooting for the 30th so hopefully that day works out for us.

This pregnancy is finally starting to move a little faster and it seems impossible that its basically only 5 more months until this little one is here. I’m not asking for it to slow down though. While I want to enjoy every minute because this is probably (most definitely) the last one, I also don’t want to drag it out any longer than it has to be!

5 oz and 5 inches is approximately the size of +1 today. S/he’s about the size of a turnip. In keeping with the theme of posting pictures of fruit/veggies I Googled for a good picture of turnips. In case you didn’t see my tweet yesterday… “Turnips are ugly”. I found the three best ones and I’m posting all of them today…so you pick the one you think most resembles my “bean”.

+1 at Week 17

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