Tuesday, January 17, 2012

18 Weeks

18 weeks today!  We're getting closer and closer to the halfway mark and only 9 more days until we find out whether Jimmy will be a big brother or a big sister (inside joke).  And now down to business.  +1's weekly stats are this:

7 oz and about 5 1/2"...about as long as a bell pepper.
+1 at Week 18

Speaking of peppers...my nickname is Pepper and a couple of weeks ago Jimmy's pediatrician called him "little pepper" at his sick visit without even knowing that was my nickname!!  I didn't tell her but I thought it was so cute that I've taken to calling him that on occasion.  But this week +1 really is a Little Pepper!!

My Belly to Baby page on this blog probably isn't well-visited and thats really okay.  It's there for two people: Me and whoever else is interested.  I want to keep a better record of my growing belly/baby than I did last time.  I think I have a total of 5 or 6 pictures of my last pregnancy from about 38 possible weeks to capture.  Thats why I created that page...so I'll have a place to keep them altogether. 

I'm going to start doing something a little different though.  I'm going to post the weekly picture in the blog post for those that never check that page and then add it to the Belly to Baby page.

This week I actually have a comparison picture to show from my last pregnancy.  It's not a huge difference but I think the difference is enough to actually see with the naked eye.  When I post a comparison pic they will always be in chronological order with the first being on the left and the current pic on the right.  Without further ado here is my 18 week belly shot.

Week 18 Comparison Pics


  1. Oh boy! You're definitely showing a lot sooner this time. I joked that with Cole I swear I was showing before I even knew I was pregnant! lol Looks like you are growing like crazy!

  2. Little Pepper! Lol that is funny! More like little jalapeño! He is a feisty booger! I would say that is a big difference this next baby boy must take after his Uncle Daniel!!!

  3. LOL He is feisty and STUBBORN!

    You think it's a boy? We'll see in 9 days!!


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