Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings Are Real

Pregnancy cravings are a weird thing.  With Jimmy a craving meant I wanted something in particular really bad or all the time.  I never really craved anything weird although I was really afraid I would all of a sudden fall in love with sauteed mushrooms and would gag just thinking about it.

Taco Bell tostadas in the 2nd Trimester and a king sized Snickers in the 3rd Trimester.  I even had a Snickers the day Jimmy was born.

Cravings with +1 has been totally different though.  First I was nauseous and only ate whatever I could without throwing up.  There was no magic food though that didn't make me sick.  Now that I've hit the 2nd Trimester I've had a week were I've eaten hamburgers and french fries everyday...still not weird.  And my love for pickles has been rekindled.  I haven't really craved anything sweet for the most part.  For example I bought a package of Chewy Chips Ahoy over a week ago and I haven't had one cookie out of it!! 

I went to the store on New Year's Eve for a few things and ended up spending almost $40 on snacks for myself.  These are a few of the things I got:

- 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Coffee ice cream
- Ranch Corn Nuts
- Ruffles BBQ chips
- Jar of Dill Spears

The Corn Nuts disappeared pretty quickly although I did make a half hearted effort to share.  I waited until New Year's Day to crack open the pickles but I couldn't decide on a bowl of ice cream or a pickle.  They both sounded equally as delicious so I just had one of each.  Now that's weird.

Pickles & Ice Cream!
 I didn't dip the pickle in the ice cream or anything but I did eat them at the same time.  I really thought that was just a old wives tale about pregnancy cravings but now I've done it and I'm here to tell you cravings are real!

Yesterday I took 2 pickles, 2 slices of pepperjack cheese, the bag of BBQ chips, a banana and a can of orange soda for the ride out to our other house.  It was delicious.

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  1. Sounds like my everyday weird cravings! lol I think I eat like I am pregnant in general!


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