Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mother's Day and More...

I don't know what just happened!  This was from May 2011...don't know how it ended up in Jan 2012!

This year Mother’s Day happened to fall on my 31st birthday. I thought that was pretty special to celebrate my first mother’s day on my birthday. It was a pretty uneventful day and that’s exactly how I wanted it. After several months of going non-stop it was so wonderful to sleep late and laze around in bed while Jimmy entertained us. We sat outside for a little bit enjoying the coolness of the morning and then finally got geared up for the day.

We went to visit my Grandpa in the rehab hospital where he’s recovering from hip surgery. From there we went to Cracker Barrel and enjoyed a delicious breakfast for Lupper (lunch/supper) or is it Linner (lunch/dinner). Jimmy enjoyed daddy’s breakfast with him too. Bits of grits, biscuit dipped in egg, egg whites, fried apples…yum! A nap sounded perfect about then but before we took an afternoon siesta we took a drive out to The Rancho to check on our little house. After making sure everything was in order and enjoying the peace and quiet for a few moments we took off on what we thought might be a scenic route home.

We spotted a pontoon boat in a yard that we had seen before and stopped to inquire if it was for sale. Jimmy and I waited in the car for awhile and then the restless bug bit the baby. He started fussing and moving and trying to get out of the carseat. Since Daddy was nowhere in sight I decided to get Jimmy out of the carseat for a few moments of freedom. I do believe I’ve lived to regret that decision. I turned around in the drivers seat and undid the straps with the intention of lifting him into the front seat with me. I got the straps undone and Jimmy standing in the carseat when the unmistakeable smell of a dirty diaper hit me. “Oh well” I thought “ I might as well take care of it now”. Ha! About that time Jimmy leaned over and I caught a glimpse of his back…yep covered in poop! Out of the corner of my eye I saw Daddy headed back to the car so I just held Jimmy in that position until he got to the car. I had him open the back door and he nearly threw up! The carseat was covered in poop too! Ahhh!!

We got the carseat out of the car, stripped Jimmy down, used the towel that just happened to be under the carseat to clean him off, put a new diaper on him, scraped the poop out of the carseat with the towel and ran out of wipes in the process of trying to clean Jimmy and the carseat up. There was no sense in putting more clothes on him since he was going to have to go back into the carseat so we put the blanket under him in the carseat and took off for home. I wouldn’t let him have anything in the carseat to play with or the pacifier since it doesn’t stay in his mouth and would have ended up in the dirty seat so he was bored on the way home. I looked back at one point to see him chewing on the strap! These are the times that I live by the proverb “What doesn’t kill him makes him stronger”.

That carseat got an up close and personal meeting with the garden hose that afternoon and then a long luxurious spa bath in the washing machine…along with Jimmy’s clothes and the lifesaver towel.

Oh the joys of motherhood…

"Mamma, I have a surprise for youuuu!!!"

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