Friday, January 25, 2013

Boring Videos

Seriously, it's probably the most boring thing you'll watch but I think it's cute.  Jimmy absolutely loves Dora.  He's always handing us the remote asking for Dora and if Dora's not on right then he pretty much refuses to watch anything else.  Although lately he's shown a little more interested in Mickey Mouse.
Last night it was just me and the boys and after Jimmy played outside awhile he asked to watch Dora so sweetly that I couldn't refuse.  I have about 13 episodes recorded and he doesn't care if he's seen each of them 30,000 times, he still loves them.  We snuggled up together on the couch and I turned one on.  The look on his face was priceless.  His whole face lit up and his little lips where moving to the song – although I think he only knows the key parts.  I was kicking myself for leaving my phone on the table and not being able to capture the moment.  I finally got up and got the phone and recorded 1 minute and 47 seconds of him watching the show.  It wasn't quite the same but if you decide to watch this little video I think you'll be able to tell that he really loves Dora.
Joey was even watching it a little as you can see at the end.  But mostly Joey needed a nap and nothing was making him happy.  Nothing – not the swing, not holding him, not the pacifier, not a bottle – nothing.  That's a big sign he just needs to go to sleep.  He gets himself so worked up so I thought I'd try to capture it on video but he wouldn't really cry while I was standing right in front of him.  But you get the picture. 
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