Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red, Exploding Letter Day

Saturday, January 26, 2013.  Let us all mark it and remember it well.  For this is the day the toddler pacifier was cut and naps ended.
It really hasn't been as dramatic as I imagined it but there are some adjustments happening with this new change.  I think I'm going through withdrawals as much as Jimmy is.  It was time though, some would argue that it was way past time. Whatever.  I didn't mind it, actually liked it, until I didn't.  It's been handy to have to use as a sleep aid, a mute button and a meltdown averter.  But he doesn't NEED it and it was starting to get really annoying to try to understand him talking around it in his mouth.  On top of that, he really is getting to be a big boy now and it just doesn't look quite right.
So Saturday morning Daddy cut them.  It was awhile before Jimmy asked for one but when I gave him one and the suction wasn't quite right he took it out of his mouth and refused to put it back.  If it were that easy though it would have been a non-event.  As it is hasn't been a huge event over all but I also wouldn't classify it as a Non Event either.
Nap times are almost non-existent anymore.  I still sit him in his chair when he needs a nap but without the pacifier he can't seem to put himself to sleep.  I think he's had two naps since Saturday and he normally takes two a day.  Bedtime isn't awful but it isn't simple either.  He's awake until midnight or 1am.  He stays in his bed but he whines sometimes and mostly he just doesn't go to sleep.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night it's not as easy to get him back to sleep either.
I can't put anything in his mouth to give my ears a break now unless it's food and that's not nearly as effective.
He gets in more trouble now too.  Is that terrible twos or a side effect of pacifier withdrawals?  I don't know but when he has a meltdown now there is no quick fix and then it can escalate into a tantrum and then he gets in trouble.
The saddest part is that he goes around the house looking for it and then will finally ask for it and when we tell him there aren't any more pacifiers…well, it triggers another meltdown.  But if we get him the one we cut he doesn't want that one either.
So my little boy is growing up and we all know growing up is hard sometimes.  It seems like it's getting easier though.
I guess the next step is the hair…nah, that can wait!
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