Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It Finally Happened

First a note – Blogger quit on me again.  Sometimes it's a pain to be right all the time.  So here I go again emailing my post.
It took long enough, 2 years, 4 months and some odd days to be a little more specific, but it finally happened.  I really didn't think it ever would.  Jimmy cries when I leave him.  It's the most heart-wrenching, saddest thing I've ever seen but also just a tad bit validating as his mom.  He loves me, he really loves me!
Sunday evening I needed to run to the store and it's always so much easier if I can just go by myself.  Jimmy saw me putting on my hoody (okay, Daddy's giant hoody) and my tennis shoes and he disappeared into his room.  I told Ricardo I needed to leave asap because I was pretty sure Jimmy thought he was going with me.  After a quick circuit through the kitchen and dining room to pick up my phone, purse and keys I headed to the front door and was almost home free when here he comes around the corner.  Boots on (on the wrong feet), diaper bag over his shoulder and jacket in hand.  If that wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen I don't know what is.  But being a mean mom (who also didn't feel good and wanted to be gone and back in the least amount of time as possible) I told him "I'll be right back" and opened the door and left.  Before I got the door closed he had plopped down on the floor, diaper bag next to him and started wailing. Poor baby.
I don't normally drop him off in the mornings so I don't experience this every day.  He's been sick the last 7 days though (update on that later) so this morning we ended up dropping off both kids together.  He stood right next to me the whole time we were there and tried to get me to hold him.  I gave him a big kiss and hug and told him bye and started walking out.  I looked back and my heart broke.  He was standing right where I left him with his arm up over his eyes and crying quietly.  My poor little sick baby and I was leaving him when he really just wanted his mamma.  Daddy went back and gave him another hug and kiss while I escaped.  Boy does it make you feel loved and needed and like a big sack of poop.
I have it on good authority though (Grannie) that he gets over it and does have a good time in my absence so at least there's that!
*email post*

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