Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Long, Long Night

An exerpt from an email to friends:
"Joey developed a fever last night before bed out of the blue.  I'm a bad mom and don't actually check their temps unless they're so hot they scare me.  Even then I'll hurry and put them in the bathtub and give them meds to help bring it down and completely forget to check.  So I have no idea how hot he was last night but while he was hot he wasn't burning.  So I gave him the last of the Ibuprofen while Daddy held him and he immediately threw up.  So that probably didn't do any good.  I went ahead and put him to bed anyway hoping it was just because he was teething.
1am: he woke up so I gave him a bottle and went back to bed.
2am: he woke up and didn't want the rest of the bottle that he hadn't finished.  I felt his forehead and he was pretty hot.  I took him to our bed where he stopped crying magically and Daddy watched him while I ran to Walgreens in the middle of the night to get some more Ibuprofen.
2:45am: Finally get home and he's laying in our bed happily so I give him some medicine.
2:46am: Jimmy wakes up – like really wakes up and laying next to his bed wasn't working to get him to go back to sleep.
3:00am: Took Joey back to his bed since he seemed to feel a little better and put Jimmy in bed with me.
3:15am: Joey starts fussing.  He doesn't want the bottle.  He doesn't want a pacifier.  He's not really that hot anymore.  So I set him up and he pukes.
3:20am: I take only the puke affected clothes off and take him into the living room and lay on the couch with him hoping he'll go to sleep.
4:00am: He's finally asleep after tons of jiggling and patting.  I lay him in his bed.
4:05am: It actually feels good to curl up with Jimmy and try to sleep.
4:07am: Joey's hungry.
4:12am: He dropped the bottle and I have to go give it back to him and now he doesn't want it.  I stand there and pat him and try to get him to take the pacifier.  He finally drifts off.  I turn off my alarm.
4:45am: Jimmy starts kicking and being annoying.
5:00am: Joey wakes up and is pissed.  Nothing works.  So I turn the tv in their room on, let him get distracted with that.   Then set him in his bed with a few toys and hope he doesn't notice when I go back to bed.  It works for 15 minutes.  Repeat 3 times.
5:45am: Joey is finally out for a little while and Jimmy is alternating snuggling up to me and kicking me and Daddy.
7:00am: I managed to get a little sleep between kicks.
I'm so tired!"

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