Monday, February 11, 2013

Long Time No See

Tomorrow is officially the halfway mark in this pregnancy with Bonus Baby.  20 weeks pregnant…again.  For the third time.  Wow!  I don't know about you but it's hard to believe sometimes.
The internet at work situation just plain sucks.  Sorry for being so crude but it's the truth.  It has nothing to do with the quality of it – more so that we're being monitored and not allowed to use it pretty much at all.  It really puts a crimp in my style.  Crimping was only cool in the '80's.
So that's why you haven't seen me much lately.  I have a little to catch you up on with this pregnancy but nothing really earth shattering.
18 Week Appointment
The 18 week appointment was less than stellar to say the least.  For starters it was way too short, I didn't get an ultrasound and my blood pressure was up.  On the plus side I only gained something like 3.5 – 4 lbs.
My BP was 146/90 at 18 weeks.  It didn't get that high until the third trimester with Joey.  So that was a little concerning to me too.  We saw the midwife for a total of maybe 5-10 minutes and she basically said my BP was high and she wanted to schedule me to see an OB after my anatomy scan. She said more than likely he'd put me on blood pressure meds and that would help with the need for bed rest and an induction.  Nothing like driving 2.5 hours each way to see your health care provider for 5 minutes.
So we scheduled the anatomy scan and OB appointment for the 15th (this Friday) and now I'm having to reschedule it because of other scheduling conflicts.  But now we're looking at the 20th so that's only 5 more days.
Reasons It Could Be A Girl
-           My uterus seems significantly smaller this time than with either Jimmy or Joey.
o   I wore non-maternity jeans yesterday that I zipped and buttoned and was comfortable in – besides the unfortunate muffin top effect.  I couldn't wear those pants past 15 weeks with either Jimmy or Joey.
§  I wish I had taken a picture but if you had seen me in those jeans and that oversized t-shirt you would have thought I had a nice spare tire working but would have never guessed I was pregnant and especially not 5 months pregnant!
-          A small uterus may not mean anything other than the baby is small right now but it's DIFFERENT from the other two times.
-          I've had MINOR acne.  Didn't have any with the other two.
-          At least 4 people are certain it's a girl this time.  Most of them said Boy last time.  Different!
-          My belly is wider this time.  LOL  Only because I still have baby fat left over from Jimmy AND Joey but no one needs to know that.
-          Mercedes says it's a girl and that's probably all the proof I need considering how much she doesn't want it to be a girl.
Is that it?
Yeah, I think that's it for now.  Except that I checked my BP at home on Saturday and it was 114/71.  Makes me wonder if I get so anxious about my BP reading at the Dr that it makes my BP go up.  I'm keeping a log though so I'll show it to the OB and we'll see what he says.  I'm actually looking forward to the possibility of BP meds and maybe being able to go into labor on my own.  I'd rather avoid an induction at the hospital if at all possible.

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