Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pacifier Envy

I think I must have pacifier envy.  Wouldn't it be nice if us adults had one thing we could use to make us instantly feel better if we're upset, grumpy, sad or otherwise put out by anything going on around us?  Something that would help use drift off to sleepy town while wrapped in a soft blanket?  Or give to someone to shut them up when they're being loud, obnoxious or just plain annoying?  I'd suggest a margarita but that would probably just make the loud, obnoxious, annoying people more loud, obnoxious and annoying.
It was time to cut Jimmy off and now a month later we're doing really good.  He's never tried to take Joey's, he doesn't ask for them anymore, he's learning how to cope without it and falling asleep is going much better.
Joey will be 9 months on Friday and for the past month he's also been weaning himself off the pacifier.  Strange kid.  For the past two weeks I haven't even bothered sending one to the sitters and I definitely don't keep up with where any are.  They are some floating around the house but it's official – no one in our house uses pacifiers.
Every now and then when Joey gets really crabby for no apparent reason we'll search for one and offer it to him but he's not interested in the slightest.  And the strap attached to it, that Jimmy was also addicted to (I think it was his one and only lovey), has never interested him except as an extra accessory to chew on.
There are so many things to keep track of with when you have little ones so one less thing to worry about is nice.  Pacifiers will make a return in approximately 4 months but how long they'll stick around remains to be seen!

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