Monday, March 25, 2013

Allergies + I’m Pregnant = Mouth Breather

Allergies + I'm Pregnant = Mouth Breather
I can't decide which one I'm really suffering from though.  I mean my normal allergy symptoms are headaches, watery/scratchy eyes, runny nose and even sinus pressure.  I'm not really experiencing any of that right now.  So it has to be a pregnancy symptom right?
This is gross – booger variety gross – but…sometimes I blow my nose and one long stringy mucus-y, sometimes crunchy booger will come out of each nostril and I'll be able to breathe through my nose again for approximately 5 minutes.  More often though I blow and blow and blow and I can feel there is something in the way and nothing comes out so I have to PICK it out.  Like way way in the back, close to my brain.  I cut my nails the other day and I was desperately picking at them and basically just petting the boogies back there because I couldn't grab onto them.  So gross and frustrating!
I don't seem to notice it AS much during the day as I do at night.  It definitely still bothers me but night time is the worst.  I think it's because it's already harder to breathe while laying down but on top of it I can't get a good breath through my nose so I breathe through my mouth and annoy the crap outta myself, plus my mouth gets so dry.  But then I drool puddles on my pillow.  How can I be drooling THAT much and still have a dry mouth?  Beats me!  Pregnancy twilight zone.
Grannie's Are Amazing
Where would we be without Grannie's?  Realistically speaking, without one we probably wouldn't be.  But that's a little deeper than what I was thinking of for this particular post.  My kids grannie is pretty special.  She carries around bananas and lets little boys rummage in her purse for whatever goodies they can find. She also gives them a bath without fail when they stay with her.  I try to send them at least once a week just for that reason alone.
This last weekend she was a real lifesaver though.  She watched both boys for us most of the day Saturday while we ran an important errand that was going to take up most of the day.  The she offered to keep the boys overnight so I could get a full nights sleep!  I've complained a little here and other places about how bad it's been with Joey's teething and how little sleep I'm getting.  This has been going on for weeks and now I'm not convinced that it's just teething.  I think he's developing bad sleeping habits that started with teething. 
I made a deal with her though that she could take Joey and I'd keep Jimmy.  This would kill lots of birds with one stone.  I'd get more sleep, Grannie & Grandpa would get some one on one time with Joey, Mamma and Daddy would get some semi-one on one time with Jimmy…plus I'd get more sleep.
I almost forgot what it felt like to sleep all night.  I didn't even sleep all night because Jimmy woke up coughing and with a little fever but that was a minor disturbance compared to the circus Joey puts on at night.  I woke up on my own and then went back to sleep and didn't even get out of bed until almost 10!  It was amazing.
Then I got lots of cleaning and laundry done before she brought him home.  When she dropped him off she picked up another grandkid and took her shopping for an Easter dress!
Then last night it was back to the real world.  Up every 1-2 hours.  Little booger.
I'm not sure Joey will crawl.  I said the same thing about Jimmy and he did end up crawling but he didn't crawl long before he learned to walk.  Joey scoots though.  He sits on his little hiney and scoots wherever he wants and he's perfectly happy with his way of getting around.  He's starting to cruise the furniture a little and trying to pull up.  It's still possible that he will crawl but he seems pretty okay with not crawling.
Now before you get concerned about his mental health let me reassure you that I did a little investigating and some minor research and found that there is no solid proof for the theory that says kids that don't learn to crawl will have learning disabilities.  I hope he does learn to crawl because it's really good for hand-eye coordination and developing depth perception but I'm pretty sure running into walls a few times is also good for developing depth perception.  Some people just have to learn the hard way.
The point is he's moving and he's finally showing interest in going places on his own!  This is how it started with Jimmy so maybe he'll be walking by his 1st birthday too!

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