Thursday, March 14, 2013

And Her Name Shall Be...

You should all know by now that Bonus Baby is a…..GIRL!  How many of you were surprised?  Some of you said "girl" with every pregnancy and you were finally right.  Some of you said girl for the first two and then finally said boy and were wrong…again! 
The Chinese Calendar predicted girls for my first two and a boy for the last one going to show it only has a 50% chance of being right.  In my case it was wrong 100% of the time.
The needle on a string test was right…three times!  We did the test over my palm and it swung in a very definite circle, stopped, then swung in a pendulum pattern, stopped and then a pendulum again!  Going backwards that's the order of my children.  Girl, Boy, Boy!  It worked the same way on my mom. 
So what you all don't know yet is the name we've picked for our daughter.  This name has been on the backburner of my mind for years now.  When it was time to actually pull out the girl names I tried to be creative and find something new but none of them jived with us as much as the name I've loved forever.  Within 3 hours of knowing it was a girl we settled on…
~Lillianna Grace~
She'll be "Lilly" for short and we've begun trying to introduce Jimmy to the idea that Mamma's big belly has a name.  He's successfully said 'Little Seester' but still doesn't really get that it doesn't mean his other 'Seester'. 
It still hasn't really sunk in that another girl will be joining this rambunctious bunch.  It's sure to be a completely different experience but I just can't imagine it all yet.  Maybe once I start stocking up on girl things it will sink in a little more.


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