Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Junk Drawer 3/27/2013

Belly Pic & Lilly Update

I need to tell you and future me that I'm really not as "big" as I look in the Week 26 picture.  I'm not really talking about my belly either but about my whole middle area.  In Week 25 I'm wearing a black, more form fitting shirt and in Week 26 the front of the shirt is more form fitting but the back is kind of gathered and makes it look like I gained a lot or something.  I didn't.  Don't forget future Faith.

In Baby Lilly news she's growing and poking her feet out at me and flopping around in there, kind of like Jimmy flipped and flopped around.  I have a feeling Jimmy and Lilly are going to give Joey fits.  You should see some of the looks Joey gives Jimmy now even at almost 10 months.  He thinks Jimmy is hilarious but sometimes he's like "what on earth are you doing??"  And in further predictions I think Jimmy will be uber protective of Lilly and an amazing big brother but will butt heads with her big time.  I have a feeling all three will be stubborn and strong willed but while Joey is quieter about his obstinacy I think Jimmy and Lilly will be all out there and in your face with their stubbornness.  I got all of that out of fetal movements…so take it however you will.

That wasn't really much about Lilly was it?  I realized last night that I'm only 11 weeks from the point I gave birth the last two times.  And 7 paychecks away from my due date.  I've already spent all 7 so that will probably fly.

Yeast Infections Crack Me Up

This is more of a stupid musing than a real question.  I'm a shower pee-er, especially when I'm pregnant.  But really just in general.  I usually pee before getting in the shower but if I get in and then have to pee I'm NOT getting out just to pee.  I had this random thought while showering this morning.  If you pee on your feet when you have a yeast infection is it possible to give yourself Athletes Foot?

Someone will probably tell me how while they are both fungal infections they are two different types or that your pee doesn't actually contain the yeast infection so it's impossible but I don't really want an answer…I just cracked myself up this morning imagining getting "pregnancy induced athletes foot" because I got a pregnancy induced yeast infection and peed on my feet in the shower because I pee so much because I'm pregnant.

List of Things/Events Coming up…in Chronological Order

Trip to KS (at long last)
6 Week Campaign At Work (aka "the busy season")
Diaper Party
My Birthday
Mother's Day
Joey's 1st Birthday
Daddy's Birthday
Our 6 Year Anniversary
Out of Town Visitors
Due Date

List of Things/Events Without Dates (Yet)

Selling My Truck
Buying a Larger Vehicle (to fit all the chilldrens)
Midwife Appointments
Pediatrician Appointments
Organizing and Reorganizing the Nursery (to accommodate clothes for three young'uns)

There is probably a lot more but that's all I can remember right now.


When I get on a bandwagon I'm all on, even if I'm not on it in practice, I'm 100% on it in spirit.  Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is my newest bandwagon.  It's pretty awesome.  I think it could cure the world of pretty much whatever ails them plus clean their windows to a sparkling shine.  In my heart I faithfully take my ACV three times a day and am becoming healthier than I've ever been.  In real life I forget to take in 95% of the time.

I'm exaggerating a little about curing the world of whatever and forgetting 95% of the time.  But without exaggeration it's pretty amazing stuff.  If you don't know much about it I encourage you to use Google and research it – it's pretty impressive.  This is the results we've seen as a family just in the few short months we've been using it:

Eczema treatment – clears up flare ups within 24-48 hours
Brighter Skin
Less Bloating
More Energy
Lower Blood Pressure
More Stamina

And that's not even using it as a tonic consistently.

I don't know what Joey's problem is.  I hate taking him to the Dr every other week and paying the co-pay just to find out he's teething.  Ohh, THAT'S why he's getting more teeth in his mouth!  But now his appetite is gone, he hasn't eaten much since the weekend, he's fussy, he's mucus-y, he's got a cough and adding it all up I think it's possible he has another dadgum ear infection.  So I'm going to try an ACV ear infection remedy tonight and try to figure out a way to get some down his throat the next couple of days and see if it makes a difference.  Either way – it can't hurt him.

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