Tuesday, August 17, 2010

35 Weeks and 3 Days

Next week is the first week of the 9th month!!  Here is a pic of me today:

Sucking It In

Beautiful Cankles

Ahhhh....gotta love this awesome pregnancy symptom.  I wore socks to bed for the first time in weeks last night and when I took them off this morning I had these very lovely indentions around my ankles from the elastic.  :shakes head and rolls eyes:  Sometimes my feet and ankles get so swollen that I actually get little fat rolls around my ankles!!!  It's pretty funny...but I'm not brave or courageous enough to take a picture and post it for the world to see.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Vaca Bendito! (Holy Cow! in Espanol)  It makes me laugh every time I hear it.  Anyway, Holy Cow! I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow!!!  The time is really scootin' now!

My big plans for the weekend is to continue to stay cool - helps with the itching and of course being cool just feels good in this awful Texas heat.  I'm also planning to channel my mother for a day or two and arrange and rearrange Jimmy's room.  I may even repeat the process a couple of times.  I'd also like to hit up some garage sales and maybe a thrift store or two to see if I can find the perfect dresser or armoire to hold all of his little clothes.  Perfect doesn't necesarily mean in good condition - it just needs good bones so we can re-do, re-finish and any other "re" that needs to be done to make it look and function perfectly.

34 Week Pic

This was the day of my shower and I clicked a quick pic of my belly...I don't think it does the real life belly justice but here it is:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Funny Pacifiers

Funny Pacifiers:

34 Weeks 2 Days

What an eventful and wonderful weekend! 

First of all we're 6 weeks from the due date!!! Ahhh!!  That's only 3 more paychecks...and when you think of it like that the time seems MUCH shorter!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Jimmy had the hiccups a bunch yesterday!  It seems to takes a little bit for it to sink in that he's not kicking or poking me...he's jerking with tiny little hiccups!  I've wondered if I would be able to tell the difference since he was supposed to start hiccuping ages ago if you go by what all the pregnancy books and websites tell you and finally just figured I didn't know my baby well enough to tell the difference.  I hadn't thought about it in weeks though after finally accepting the fact that even though I'm his Mamma I'm not all-knowing (yet).  Then yesterday sitting at my desk I noticed a rhythmic little jerking going on and finally realized that it was THE HICCUPS!!!  Yea!!  I CAN tell the difference!  Then he had them again last night when I got in bed and it feels like a little heartbeat bumping in my stomach that I could feel on the outside.