Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Junkety Junk Drawer 10/31/12

If Wishes Were Money…

…I’d wish for a million things. Cause you know it’d be like a $1 for every wish and then I’d have a million $1s. Get it?

Project Overload

Okay, it’s not overload and actually my project is going well but there is still so much I want to accomplish in the next 5 days (including today) and not enough will power to do it. I’m lying. I have enough will power I just need more wishes ($$). Wishes AND muscles.

Really though, I think the heavy lifting for the most part is done. And as physically exhausting as that part was it seems like it was the easiest mentally speaking. You know how they call jocks dumb? I get it now, they might not all be dumb but using muscles doesn’t require a lot of brain power…the next steps in my project need mucho mas brain power.

In case you don’t know what my project is it’s pretty simple, in a high level manner of speaking. While my dearest fiancĂ© is out of the country I’m rearranging the house. Well, two rooms in particular with a few other things thrown in the mix if I have time. It’s all a surprise too. I’m moving Jimmy & Joey into Mercedes room and moving Mercedes into their room. It sounds simple I’m sure – heck, it sounded simple in my head when I decided to do it.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stop it! Just Stop!

I’m getting so sick of these kids growing so fast. WTH?? Can’t they just take a break every now and then and stay in one phase longer than two seconds? I really do love every new phase they’re in but sometimes they just fly through them. With Joey being our last baby I especially want him to go slow so I can enjoy every minute of every phase…cause we’ll never get to experience this again. But he seems to be speeding through them faster than ever!

What’s he up to you wonder? Well, I’ll tell you. He’s figuring out how to use his hands! We’re all downhill from here. So sad. And excited. But sad.

Look at him go!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jimmy & Joey Update


I don’t know how I have any heart left at all the way this little boy steals chunks of it every day. I’m learning more about him every day it seems. Sometimes writing these update posts are so difficult because I don’t know how to even begin telling you about the preciousness that is my boys. Where do I start? How do I describe some of those things you just have to see or experience to understand? I’ll give it my best shot though.

Bedtime at Grannie & Grandpa's
 Jimmy is such a fun and loving little boy and while he is 2 and pushing boundaries he is still just a really good boy. Last night after his bath I was slathering him in lotion and he started crying huge crocodile tears. I had no idea what he was crying about but it became clear pretty quickly that he was forcing himself to cry and I just got the sense that he was wanting some attention from his Mamma. Joey was asleep in his bed and Daddy was outside working and it was just me and Jimmy sitting on the couch getting him ready for bed. So I rocked him like a baby and wiped his never ending tears and tried to make him laugh. He did laugh as much as he tried not too and would make himself cry again. I didn’t mind rocking him though. I got his pajama shirt on him and he put his head on my shoulder so I rocked him some more and told him how much I love him, how special he is…and zonk he was out. I didn’t even bother with pajama bottoms, I just put him in bed.