Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Junk Drawer - 3/28/2012

Want to hear something sad?

I just peed my pants and I didn't even know it.  Sure am glad I'm wearing my white pants...cause yellow doesn't clash with that at all!

Something Else Sad

My left gold sandal can barely contain the awesomeness that is my left cankle.  You could call me The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  But only if you substituted Hunchback with Clubfoot and Notre Dame with Texas.

Sore Belly/Crotch

I had to run from the shuttle to the train yesterday.  Like full out pregnant sprint.  I almost broke both (c)ankles and ended up having the worst case of Sore Belly/Crotch the rest of the night.  Actually I still have a bad case of it.


Not Lent - I don't celebrate or observe that - whichever word is appropriate.  Thankfully its not part of my religious beliefs because if it were I think I would be an even worse Christian than I already am.  Give something up for 40 days? Huh!

I digress.  I’m talking about belly button lint. Girls don’t get that. At least none of the girls I know. I also don’t have a belly button anymore. It’s a weird misshapen thing in the middle of my belly – it’s 1/3 innie, 1/3 outie and 1/3 flat. If I were going to get lint it would just roll down the mountain.

No, I don’t have belly button lint. I have cleavage lint. What?? How?? I don’t carry my wallet, phone, Kleenex, money, hanky, snacks or anything else there so where on earth is this lint coming from? Its really gross.

Jimmy's Corner - No, No, No!

No, No, No!

Week 28 - Blah

Did y’all think I dropped off the face of the earth? I don’t think I’ve been this quite in months. It wasn’t intentional – I just didn’t have much to say or a lot of time to say it in.

The first week of the 3rd trimester. My due date is starting to feel way too close and way too far away….simultaneously.

I feel like I say this with each weekly update but its always true in a new and different way: The Nino is starting to move more. Maybe “more” isn’t the right word. Maybe “harder” or “stronger” is better. The frequency really hasn’t increased but I just feel him more when he does move. My belly is really moving and shaking on its own now and if I press on a hard lump it moves away or kicks back.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2nd Trimester Collage

2nd Trimester Collage

Notice how the 1st 5 weeks there are no bare belly shots?  Yeah - thats probably because it was mostly fat!  The pictures are kind of small but you still can see the progression.

Liar, Liar

I said this yesterday:
I gained something like 47 lbs total with Jimmy so hopefully I don’t gain 34 more pounds between now and delivery! I already feel like a big cow walking around.
I lied.  Not about this:
I already feel like a big cow walking around.
But this:
I gained something like 47 lbs total with Jimmy

I didn't mean to lie I just misremembered.  It was actually something like 37 lbs total.  I told you not to long ago that math and pregnant brain don't mix.  Yet another example of how incompatible they really are.

So the crux of the matter is (just wanted to say crux) that hopefully I don't gain 24 more pounds between now and delivery.  The truth is I've probably already gained 24 lbs this week...and it's just "Jump" Day.  That's Spanglish for Hump Day...aka my Grannie's version.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Craving Oranges


Ha!  I wasn't lying - they are both orange-ish!

Week 27 – Last Week of the 2nd Trimsester

I made it! It’s the last week of this trimester. The 1st one dragged on forever because of having to keep the secret and the yuck morning sickness. The 2nd one has gone faster but dragged at some points like when we had to wait what seemed like forever to find out if it was a boy or girl. I hope the 3rd one is the fastest of them all. I have a feeling it will since we’re coming up on our really busy time at work. It will take me almost all the way through the last trimester so it has the potential to really fly.

Speaking of the busy season at work – it might interfere with my blog writing. I’ll do my best to keep up with at least one weekly posting on the pregnancy and one on Jimmy but I probably won’t be as prolific as I have been in recent weeks.

I had a midwife appointment on Friday that included my glucose challenge test. Which meant I couldn’t eat sugary things that day and had to fast 2 hours before the blood draw. Then I had to drink an awful orange drink 45 minutes before my appointment. Wouldn’t you know they brought donuts to work that day?? I didn’t risk it though and abstained even though I desperately wanted one!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Stuff

This is a post of random baby stuff but I didn’t really think it was exactly Junk Drawer worthy. I have heartburn.

Good Idea

As I mentioned in one of my last posts I haven’t bought any diapers yet. I always tell myself that I’m going to buy a pack every payday and then I never do. Although I stare at them in the diaper aisle for several minutes every time I’m at the store. I think I’m just in denial that 36 newborn diapers really do cost $9.97. I spend $13.97 for 70 size 5 diapers for Jimmy. They aren’t Pampers Dry Max though and I know that make all the difference.

I didn’t like Parents Choice in the newborn diapers and didn’t really start using them until around size 4. I’m still pretty adamant that I’m going to use Pampers for The Nino unless they just absolutely don’t fit his body right. I just really like the softer diapers for really new delicate skin and they really just seem to fit better. The wetness indicator strip is pretty handy too.

OMG this heartburn is a killer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jimmy's Corner

MacGyver, MacGyver Let Down Your Hair!

*Picture heavy*

Week 26 – The Good, The Bad and The Insanely Huge

I wrote an awesome blog post last night on my way to dreamland…can’t be too sure what all exactly happened between there and waking up this morning dreaming about an earful of ear mites…which resemble tiny maggots by the way. For the record I have no idea if there is any such thing as ear mites but I’m sure as heck NOT going to Google them. I just ate two delicious kolaches and I would like to keep them where I put them for now.

I remember bits and pieces of the post I composed in my head but the magic is gone…I guess it fell out my ear and the ear mites ate it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jimmy's Corner

New post on Jimmy's Corner:

"Mia" o "Mira"?


I like to be organized. I really like it. It doesn’t happen very often and on the rare occasion that I do manage to get organized it only lasts a hot second. Life is too complicated to stay organized for long. Don’t get me started on my silverware drawer. I want to dump all the contents in the trash and start over. Not to mention it’s not actually silverware. Which doesn’t really bother me so much as the jumbled mess.

The point of that ramble was to tell you that I’m in the process of re-organizing my blog(s) because this is probably the one area that I have something approaching complete control over. And no one tries to put a fork in the spoon slot or a big spoon in the little spoon slot. I’ve mentioned my “Pages” on this blog before. One of them is the Belly to Baby page where I post all of my belly pictures. I think it’s a handy feature but I wish it were even more versatile than it is. I wish I could use those Pages for blog posts and then I could group my posts together – like all of the Jimmy’s Corners or the Junk Drawers and so on. Unfortunately the Pages aren’t that versatile. After stumbling across someone elses blog last week in a moment of boredom I discovered a new way to organize!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don’t And Say You Did

If you gag, are grossed out, creeped out or otherwise offended by reading about bodily functions then you should probably know that’s what this post is about. Here’s a suggestion – Don’t read it and Say you did. Easy Peasy.

If you don’t believe me and you’ve read this far then you should probably place a hand over your eyes and peek through your fingers while you read the rest.  You've been warned.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shirts & Skins

Here is the missing Week 25 belly picture. 

Week 25 - Shirts

Week 25 - Skins

Junk Drawer - 3/7/12


:yawn: 9 times out of 10 when I’m bored I end up writing a blog post. A lot of my posts are written because I have something to write about but then there are times I just need something to do with this never ending time on my hands. Guess which type this one is.

Name Game
I think we’ve made a little progress in the Name Game. Nothing is decided for sure but we have both agreed on a name we like pretty well. I think our hesitation to commit to it could be a sign though that it’s not The One. Or maybe that we have commitment issues. We keep saying we have plenty of time to decide but we’re on the downhill slide now and time seems to be speeding up. I would love to tell everyone the name we’re thinking of but I don’t want everyone to get attached to it and then we change it at the last minute.

So if you are one of the few that are privy to the name we’re tossing around – I wouldn’t go engraving it on anything yet.

Jimmy's Corner

Mercedes & Jimmy - wearing her new glasses
It’s been an interesting and informative week in Jimmy World and we’re only 3 days in! Most of the excitement happened on Monday though. You might want to skip this part if you have a weak stomach. He has a little cough that started over the weekend and Sunday night he coughed quite a bit. Since he had his 18 month checkup Monday morning we got to sleep in a little but he was raring to go at 6:30! So I brought him to our bed and he drank his morning sippy cup of milk and then bounced around the bed having a grand time. Rolling around and wrestling the pillows and then running from one end to the other. Then he sat down next to me and puked curdled milk. I could see what was about to happen so I grabbed the towel laying close by and tried to hold it close to his mouth but for some reason that irritates him so much and he pushed it away. I guess he was also trying to get away because he stood up and proceeded to puke a few more times, whimpering in between each time. The last time we had to laugh because I was trying, futilely, to hold the towel up again and he shoved it away saying something that sounded an awful lot like “STOP IT!”

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


43 ¾ inches is very big apparently. Yesterday I got on the shuttle for the short ride (long walk) from the train to work and another lady was on the shuttle too. Not an employee, just a random lady wanting a ride to her Dr’s appointment. Anyway, she asked how the baby was doing and I said “fine”. Then she wanted to know when he was due and I said “June”. And then it happened. :shocked gasp:Twins??

It didn’t even offend me. It just reaffirmed my feeling especially huge lately.

Going to get another candy bar…gotta try to make up that last ¼ inch to bump me up to 44 inches.

Week 25 – Itsa Little Ruta

I’m drinking a little coffee with some French Vanilla creamer and even with 3 sugar packs it tastes vile. Dang you pregnancy anti–cravings! Is there such a thing? I don’t know but this coffee probably proves its existence. I saw a commercial for York Peppermint Patty coffee creamer the other day and I think subconsciously my tastebuds were expecting mint…dang you commercials!!! You know what though? I’m sitting here writing this and I keep picking up the cup and taking a drink like it’s going to taste better with the next sip…nope…still vile. So disappointing.

We’ve made it to Week 25 and that means only two more weeks till I’m officially in the 3rd trimester! I have a feeling it’s going to fly at that point! Not a lot to report this week. I feel huge-er and tired-er. Thankfully I seem to have recovered from that really bad UTI that ended up being in my kidneys too. I never want to experience that again.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jimmy's Corner – 18 Month Edition

It’s official – Jimmy is 18 months old today!
I don’t think this is just my imagination but it seems that in this past week he has changed a lot.

Tuesday night he was sitting in his highchair, leaned on the tray and talking to me very sincerely and using his hands and eyes to emphasis the sincerity. It was the cutest thing and I’ve never seen him do that before.

Wednesday he was talking to Daddy in the truck on the way home and pointing at things out the window.

Yesterday he was running around chasing the “big kids” when we picked him up from the sitter.  His little run is so cute, he's just learning how to really put on speed and his little legs look like he's wearing 4 diapers or something!